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Volume 40 ~*~ 31 July 2007

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In The News

  • Sarah Buckley: Mothers not just too posh to push

    "It is easy to blame women for our high caesarean rates, and the "too posh to push" label is unhelpful. What we need is a cultural respect for the ability of women's bodies in birth, and an understanding of the consequences of surgical birth. Ninety-three per cent of us would also like some decent choices that will enhance our chances of normal birth, such as care from the normal-birth experts: midwives.

  • Health officials investigating childbirth deaths in Woodbury

    State health officials are looking into the deaths of two-first time mothers who gave birth by cesarean section at Underwood-Memorial Hospital.

  • After C-section, some mothers dare defy trend

    Roberts, 32, is pregnant again and desperately wants to avoid a surgical delivery for her second child. But her desire to give birth vaginally this time pushes against a trend in New Jersey. Over the past decade, the number of women having a vaginal birth after a cesarean -- a VBAC -- has plummeted, a Star-Ledger analysis of state health data found. Some doctors refuse to perform VBACs. A handful of hospitals refuse, too.

  • C is for caution: C-sections on the rise

    No one can explain why the United States keeps shattering its own cesarean records. Many experts say there is no "ideal" cesarean rate, but there is also no evidence that a vast, growing segment of the female population wants or needs major abdominal surgery to give birth. And while a dramatic decline in maternal deaths coincided with higher rates of cesarean, that trend ended 20 years ago. Today, ill effects such as life-threatening placental problems are being linked to C-sections.

In The Research

  • The Official Plan
    to Eliminate the Midwife: 1900 -- 1930

    The following historical account comes primarily from documents published in professional journals between 1900 and 1930. The majority of the material was published in the "Transactions for the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality" 1910 -- 1915. This archival material records the historical blueprint of an official campaign to do away with the independent practice of midwives. Also faithfully recorded in these journals was the efficacy of care by midwives of the era, the history of the school for midwives in New York City and its excellent statistics, and the increase in maternal and infant mortality that occurred as midwives were progressively eliminated from practice. These documents, written at a time when women did not have the right to vote, were intended for "professional eyes only".

  • Vaginal delivery in the grand multipara following previous lower segment cesarian section

    Vaginal birth after cesarian section can be achieved in some grand multiparas with a previous scar in the uterus. There is an increased risk of serious complications. The labor should be very closely supervised and early intervention arranged if there is not smooth rapid progress.

  • Vaginal versus cesarean delivery for breech presentation in California: a population-based study

    The "normal" term breech fetus, when delivered vaginally, had significantly increased neonatal mortality (in nulliparous women) and morbidity (all breech deliveries), when compared with the breech fetus delivered by cesarean, which suggests that these patients might best be delivered by cesarean to avoid these adverse outcomes.

From the Women of ICAN

Post of the Month comes not from the ICAN
, but from ICAN's President, the amazing Pam Udy. Pam spoke on Wisconsin Public Radio, about the cesarean epidemic. You can hear the interview here or follow this link, and scroll down the page to Tuesday,
7:00 AM.

From the ICAN Board

From the President, Pam Udy

Hello from your new president! I am honored to lead ICAN for the next couple of years. Even after having been a member of ICAN’s Board of Directors for the last eight years, the president’s shoes have a different fit.

I have already given my first radio interview and talk show as president. (see link above!)

ICAN has been experiencing some tremendous growth. We have a devoted and wonderful Board of Directors. We have close to 100 chapters, lead by tremendously caring women. If you are not already an ICAN member – please subscribe! We need your support and you need the benefits of ICAN.

ICAN has a big summer of outreach planned. We are scheduled to exhibit at BirthWorks in Cherry Hill, NJ, Le Leche League in Chicago, IL, Doulas of North America in St.Louis, MO and Gentle Birth World Congress in Portland, OR. Come by and say hi to us!


Get Active

Your Message Proudly!

ICAN of Ann Arbor has
created t-shirts with a message.  Emblazoned with "10 Myths
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Birth. Do the Research.", on the front, these t-shirts can challenge
cultural assumptions and get people thinking.  The t-shirts
are available in various styles and sizes, with all profits from sales
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Be a Birth Myth-buster.
 Wear the message proudly -- across your bust!


When you are searching
online, go to www.goodsearch.com
and type in "International Cesarean Awareness Network" as the
organization to support. ICAN's main address is Redondo Beach, which
should pop up automatically (typing "ICAN" won't get it to come up).
Each search gives $.01 to ICAN. It may not sound like much, but the pennies
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Talk It Up

Come together the second Monday of every month to chat with fellow ICANers.  In a "chat room" set up on MommyChats,
talk with fellow ICANers about birth, VBAC, cesarean healing, and
whatever other topics that come up.  Ask questions, share
stories...it's all there on ICAN's MommyChat.  The next chat will
be Monday, July 9th.  "See" you there! 

Cesarean Voices cover

Cesarean Voices

In a culture where cesarean section is viewed as simply another way to have a baby, we seldom hear the voices of women whose experiences have not been so easy. This groundbreaking book answers the question "What's so bad about a cesarean?" in a raw, honest, heart-shattering way. If you care for or about women and babies, hear these voices.

Get your copy now from the ICAN Store!

Gentle Birth World Congress

The Gentle Birth World Congress and Baby Expo is a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of solutions to the current maternity care crisis. Join obstetricians, midwives, nurses, childbirth educators, lactation experts, doulas, alternative practitioners, hospital executives, insurance companies, parents and press, as they declare, “enough!”.
Be part of the solution! Sept 27-30 2007 Oregon Convention Center (Portland)
gentlebirthworld.com * info@gentlebirthworld.com *

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