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24 October 2008 ICAN eNews Volume 08, Issue 1
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In the news
Who's Catching Your Baby?
While another profession might have the popular reputation of being the world's oldest, you can make a strong case that midwifery is a more realistic contender for that title. The tradition of caring for pregnant women and delivering babies in homes or community spaces is ancient the world over. And it's present today, in the providers who practice within an American medical culture in which 99% of births take place in hospitals, presided by OB/GYNs. Read Full Article.
ACOG responds to heartfelt, well-cited letter with misinformation
On June 23, Amber Craig wrote a long, heartfelt, cogent letter to the president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggesting a reversal of the group's restrictive policies on vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), which have lead hundreds of hospitals and legions of providers to “ban” women who’ve had previous cesareans from giving birth vaginally. ACOG wrote back with statistics and claims that are patently inaccurate. Craig wrote back again correcting the group’s claims with still more citations from the medical literature. If you’re following “VBACtivism” or ACOG’s recent attack on home birth, these letters are a must-read. Read The Letters.
Closure of Goleta Center Leaves Moms-to-Be One Less Choice
The buzz about birth choices in Santa Barbara has grown audibly louder in recent months. In January, the Central Coast Doula Association sponsored two sold-out screenings of the documentary The Business of Being Born. The Baby! International Film Festival expanded the dialogue in the community over Memorial Weekend with a series of films and expert panels. Dozens of community members rallied for regional access to vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) on June 23. And the labor and delivery unit at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital closed its doors on July 1. Read Full Article.
In the research
C-Sections May Increase the Risk of Diabetes
An exhaustive study that spanned the globe reveals an increased risk, by 20%, a child born by Cesarean section (C-section) will develop type 1 diabetes before turning 15.  Headquartered at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, the research team reports 2.3 million United Kingdom (UK) citizens are diabetic, 250,000 of whom have type 1, or the most common form of childhood, diabetes.  In Northern Ireland, there are 6,000 people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes among 62,000 total diabetics nationwide. Read Full Article.
From the women of ICAN
One of our lovely ICAN members was kind enough to share her VBAC story.  


Jacob's VBAC Birth Story- 6/1/06

After my appt Wed where dr stripped my membranes I had some random cntrx but didn't think anything was going to happen that soon. Well around 9:30pm they started getting a bit more painful and somewhat regular. I still didn't want to get up my hopes cuz I was scared they would just go away. Around 12:30am they were getting consistently about 3 mins apart so I started letting myself believe this would be it.

I couldn't sleep because of the cntrx so I stayed up all night cleaning up and making sure everything was packed and ready to go to the hospital. Around 7am they slowed down to around 10mins apart and I was able to nap a little between them, guess my body needed a break. After an hour they picked up again. I labored at home as they got stronger. They were around 3-5 mins apart. I was having to concentrate through them, but didn't want to head to the hospital yet.

Around 9:30 we called our families to let them know the baby was coming that day and my mom started on her way up. Nate's mom had some school work and things to do and told us to call her when we got to the hospital. I continued to labor at home until my mom and sisters showed up around noon.

We left for the hospital and had to wait 1/2hr for a room to be cleared for us. So around 12:30 we get settled in and they check me. I was already 7+ cm and fully effaced! That made me feel so much better that all those cntrx had gotten me that far already. The dr asked if I wanted her to break my water, but I said I'd like to wait just a little longer and see if it broke on it's own. After this point I don't know exact times cuz I was having lots of pain from the cntrx. I tried changing positions and walking but it was getting hard no matter what I did. Probably around 2:30 they checked me again and I hadn't made much progress but the bag of waters was really bulging.

I was in a lot of pain and told them to go ahead and break my water. Things continued to get more and more painful and I was moaning through the cntrx while squeezing my moms hand and Nate was putting pressure on my back. I got a little snippy with Nate a few times and told him to shut up once lol. But he was being great and they were telling me how good I was doing. (I had my mom, sis, sil and Nate with me). My nurse was very wonderful. I think around 4:30 she checked me and told me there was just a little cervix and had my try to push the baby's head past it.

Everything seemed to be so blurry to me from all the pain but I knew I needed to push as hard as I could. I did not want to have another c/s and I knew pushing was the only way to get him out. Pushing hurt a lot too but at least I knew it was getting somewhere, I could feel as his head slowly made it's way down. They had the mirror there so I could watch, it was so weird to see. I pushed harder than I thought I could and slowly I could see more and more of his head.

Finally I gave a huge push and his head came out. They quickly suctioned him and told me to push hard again to get out his shoulders. They were stuck because he had one hand up by his shoulder, but my wonderful OB was able to pull out his arm and had me push one more time and out came his shoulders and one more small push and he slipped out. They laid him on my chest and I was able to touch him. I think my first words when he came out where "Oh my gosh!" and "I did it!"

Nate cut his cord and they had to quickly take him to the warmer to get his oxygen because he was having a little trouble, but he pinked up quickly. They wiped him down a bit and then weighed and measured him, 8lbs 14oz and 20in long. I was surprised cuz he didn't look that big to me, and he was only an ounce smaller than Jason had been. He was born at 5:15 pm. Then, while they were doing this, I delivered the placenta and my OB started stitching me up cuz I had a 2nd degree tear.

Then they brought him back to me and I got to hold him and I was so happy to have my beautiful little boy. I kept telling everyone "I did it!" I let some of my family members hold him a bit. (Oh yeah, my dad had showed up while I was trying to push him out, I was so happy to see him, he is able to calm me pretty good) Anyway, then I got to breastfeed him for the first time. It took him a few minutes to get latched on but then he got it and I nursed about 15 mins, and then let family hold him some more while dr finished sewing me up. After that they took him to the nursery with Nate and bathed him and all the newborn stuff.

I was taken to my postpartum room and had dinner and was able to get a little rest until about 8 when they brought him back. I nursed again and more family visited and then finally we were alone. The first night went well. I didn't sleep much but Jacob slept a lot. Everything has been looking really good and he is just perfect. His bilirubin was a bit high so we have to go back to get checked but I'm sure it'll be fine. We were discharged at 7pm today, just one day after he was born. I am so happy to be able to be home so soon with my baby! I can't believe I had an all natural VBAC! I had very few interventions. Nursing is going good. I'm so sore and tired and I really don't know if I could do it without meds again, but I'm so proud of myself.


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