My journey to VBA2C!

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Thank You for Giving Me Hope :-)

This story has given me hope. I have 2 little Girls, ages 4 and 2, and they were both c-sections. That was the last thing I wanted. My first I truly feel was COMPLETLY unneccesary. Her head was half out when the dr said c-section. (Only he didnt do the actual surgery, he was instructing it!) My second was supposed to be a Trial Of Labour. Needles to say I switched drs. I dont know how it happened, but next thing I know, I am scheduling a repeat c-section, and for some reason I didnt speak up about it and went through with it. I didnt know what to do. I didnt know I could absolutly refuse. (My second was a better experience, and quick, but still unwanted) To this day I feel like a failure. I am now expecting my 3rd baby, and I am REFUSING to have a THIRD c-section. I am starting to think my best bet is to get a different doctor. I like the Dr I have now, she really is great, but she feels VBAmC's are too risky. I think I can do it. I am going to try to talk to her one last time about it, but if I have to I will switch. Again, Thank You SO Much for having the strength and sharing it :-)

this story has given me hope

I also have had two previous csections which i feel were unnecessary for me. My first son, i was induced before my due date because my dr i had thought it was ok to induce since thanksgiving was coming up. i wished i had never listened to him in the first place. The induction didn't take to well and he was worried about fetal distress and opted for a csection.My little boy was born on nov.12,2001 at  7pds7oz and 20 inches long.

  My 2nd son, i was soo fearful that i would have failure to labor and they would worry about fetal distress again and so i opted for a repeat csection for fear of the unknown and how my body would or wouldn't son was born dec.26,2003 weighing 8pds.3oz and 21 and a half inches long.

   Both times, i felt i was a failure and that my body just wasn't ever going to be able to labor or give birth naturally.I had wanted to breastfeed and couldn't which was also heartwrenching to me.

    This time around now that i am pregnant with my 3rd baby, i have found a wonderful midwife who is going to be at the hospital with me and going to allow me to try for a vba2c and i cannot wait to experience natural birth. yup thats right... i am not going to ask for any pain medication. i feel that i'd rather go through the pain and joy of a natural vaginal birth rather than another unnecessary csection.

i need help

i have cried and cried they r tring to scare me in to a c section i have had one c section and a vbac and then another csection and now im preg again the doc i was seeing said it was iligal for him to do a vba2c and droped me he told me to call barns jewish hospital in st louis im afraid i wont have a doc for this baby i dont know what to do i need help and dont know where to turn im all alone i have only been able to hold my10 year old as soon as he came into this world i had no attchment to the third child the first child passed away when she was 10 i miss her dearly i need help

Have you tried Dr.

Have you tried Dr. Blaskowitz at St. Mary's?  Barnes might also be an option as you have had one VBAC, but I think Dr. Blaskowitz would probably be a better option.

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