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Megan Furnish
Megan Furnish
City :  Portland
Telephone :  971-238-3703
Services Offered :  Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing events, which can leave women feeling unprepared, exhausted, emotional and at times traumatized. My goal is to offer a safe, confidential space to support women, and their partners, as they talk through and reflect upon their experiences and make sense of those experiences. Through my clinical work in private practice as a trauma therapist, I have developed a special interest in working with women and their partners who are experiencing psychological difficulties following a traumatic childbirth experience. In addition to working with women and their partners, I also work with care providers such as doulas and nurses,midwives, and physicians to help them overcome distress that they experience as a result of what they witness in their work with women. For more information about me and my work please visit